What is the ‘Smarter infrastructure for Queensland’ summit?

    The ‘Smarter infrastructure for Queensland’ summit, scheduled for Tuesday 17 October 2017, will bring together industry experts and thought leaders from the digital, innovation and technology sectors, state and local government and academia to challenge existing barriers and identify and action innovative, smart infrastructure opportunities in Queensland. The summit will inform the future direction of Queensland Government planning and investment in infrastructure to drive further innovation.

    Can I contribute to the ‘Smarter Infrastructure for Queensland’?

    You can contribute to the focus of the Summit by completing the online survey. The survey is open to all individuals and organisations that wish to participate.

    Your feedback and views are valued and will be considered by the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

    How does the State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) play a role in the summit?

    The State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) provides a framework for planning and prioritising infrastructure investment and delivery in a manner that supports growth, employment and economic development in Queensland. It aims to encourage private sector involvement to drive innovation and deliver value for money.

    By encouraging and enabling ‘better use’ of existing infrastructure, the deployment of smarter infrastructure aligns with the Queensland Government’s infrastructure prioritisation approach.

    Accordingly, the summit supports key implementation actions from the SIP, including:

    • Infrastructure Innovation Taskforce
    • Deputy Premier’s Infrastructure Innovation Challenge
    • development of strategic infrastructure documents.

    Am I able to attend the Smarter Infrastructure for Queensland Summit?

    Interested parties are encouraged to provide written submissions regarding the application of smart infrastructure within Queensland, participate in the online survey and watch the summit presentations.

    A link to the live stream will appear on this website (qld.gov.au/smarterinfrastructure) on Tuesday 17 October.

    How can I be involved in the summit on the day?

    Summit presentations will be recorded and can be watched in real-time via a livestream on Tuesday 17 October 2017. Check back on Tuesday 17 October to access the livestream.