Herston Quarter PDA

The Herston Quarter PDA Development Scheme was approved by the Queensland Government on 21 December 2017.

The development scheme supersedes the Herston Quarter PDA Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP) .

Any PDA development applications will now be assessed against the Herston Quarter PDA Development Scheme.

The Herston Quarter PDA has been identified as a key health and knowledge precinct under the Queensland Government's Advancing our cities and regions strategy and will repurpose underutilised land to deliver better community outcomes, create jobs and drive economic growth.

The Herston Quarter PDA was declared on 18 November 2016 under the Economic Development Act

The Herston Quarter PDA Development Scheme was approved by the Queensland Government on 21 December 2017.

The development scheme supersedes the Herston Quarter PDA Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP) .

Any PDA development applications will now be assessed against the Herston Quarter PDA Development Scheme.

The Herston Quarter PDA has been identified as a key health and knowledge precinct under the Queensland Government's Advancing our cities and regions strategy and will repurpose underutilised land to deliver better community outcomes, create jobs and drive economic growth.

The Herston Quarter PDA was declared on 18 November 2016 under the Economic Development Act 2012 to facilitate the redevelopment of the former Royal Children's Hospital and supporting facilities following the relocation of children's health services to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in South Brisbane.

The PDA is approximately six hectares in size and covers part of the Herston Health Precinct - home to some of Queensland's most important health, education and research facilities. The PDA is bordered by Herston Road to the south, Bramston Terrace to the west, and the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) and ancillary facilities to the east and north. The PDA is in close proximity to both the Herston and RBWH busway stations and adjacent to the University of Queensland's School of Public Health and School of Dentistry buildings. The Herston Quarter PDA is separate from the Bowen Hills PDA, which is on the eastern side of Bowen Bridge Road.

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  • Why have EDQ removed the other options for making a public submission???? The EDQ website previously provided multiple options (online, email and post) for making a submission, but the webpage has recently been changed to only allow for online submissions. Does this mean submissions provided by other means will not be considered? I’m very concerned about the process being changed DURING the consultation period? Here are the options previously listed on the EDQ site: Make a submission to the MEDQ by: • Email: edq@dilgp.qld.gov.au (easiest option) • Post: Economic Development Queensland, GPO Box 2202, Brisbane QLD 4001 • Online: haveyoursay.dilgp.qld.gov.au/herston  

    ElliotDuff asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question. You are still able to make submissions in the usual ways, including all of the options you have stated, however we have added an additional option which is using the Have your say site. The EDQ website has all of the options stated on how to make a submission and these have been available during the submission period.

  • Thank you for releasing the proposed development scheme for public consultation. Footnote 20 of the scheme states: "For PDA development applications, a traffic impact analysis that includes cumulative impacts of previous development will need to be undertaken including testing against EDQ's transport model for the Herston Quarter PDA. Contact EDQ for further information". Can EDQ please publish a copy of the current transport model? The model is of particular relevance and interest, in order for the public to understand: (a) the existing traffic flows in the area; (b) modelling for traffic flows emanating from the PDA; and (c) planned upgrades to road infrastructure in the area. Increased traffic is one of the main concerns of residents in the local area.

    Carly Jenkins asked over 1 year ago

    The impact of development in the PDA on the local road network is a key consideration in the future planning of the site. As Brisbane City Council maintain the road network in the immediate vicinity of the PDA, Brisbane City Council and other stakeholders have, and will continue to be consulted regarding traffic matters. Various strategic level traffic and transport studies have been undertaken for the Herston PDA, in consultation with Council, identifying the need for road network upgrades to support planned renewal and development in the PDA. EDQ’s traffic investigations have to be integrated with Council’s work and therefore there is no single ‘model’. The outcomes of these various studies have informed the drafting of the PDA development scheme and Development Charges and Offsets Plan. Both of these documents are on the EDQ website. Detailed planning and design work will be undertaken as individual development applications are assessed and any development application in the PDA will require a traffic impact assessment and car parking strategy.  

  • What types of usage would the project include? Medical, of course. But would it include retail? If so, what type? Cafes, supermarket (Coles type),...?? What other usage? Residential ?aged care? When can I get a detailed list ? Many thanks .

    JFS asked over 1 year ago

    The Herston Quarter Priority Development Area proposed development scheme is available on Have your say website and is currently on public notification from 7 August to 18 September 2017. The proposed development scheme is the overarching planning document that sets out how development in the Herston Quarter PDA will provide for:

    • New health care facilities including a private hospital and a new public specialist rehabilitation and ambulatory care centre (SRACC). The SRACC will be comprised of some 100 beds, special purpose rehabilitation support areas, and a surgical and endoscopic centre with a 32 bed surgical inpatient unit, seven operating theatres, three endoscopy rooms and recovery spaces
    • Protecting the highly valued heritage of the PDA by reviving significant underutilised heritage buildings to ensure their ongoing preservation and use
    • Establishing the heritage buildings and surrounds as a focus of retail and commercial activity in the PDA and for the Herston community including shops, restaurants and cafes
    • Creating a vibrant and highly active mixed-use precinct that supports the surrounding health, research and education uses
    • New child care services for hospital staff and the local community
    • A range of housing options to allow elderly local residents to remain in their community, including residential care and retirement facilities
    • Improvements to the public accessibility and permeability o the PDA to allow or better integration and connectivity to the surrounding area, including the Herston busway station.

    The proposed development scheme also sets out the land use intents and a list of preferred land uses for each of the four precincts.

  • Hi. I'm concerned about the impact that this development will have upon traffic in the area. In particular, the movement of the car park from the south-side to the north. This has the potential to redirect traffic on the western side of the development, where people are likely to use local streets as they come off the ICB, and more significantly, greatly increase the congestion on the Butterfield, Garrick Tce roundabout. This is already a problem at 5pm when staff are leaving the Hospital. Has any modelling been done, and if so, are there any plans to change the nature of the intersection of Butterfield and Bowen Bridge Rd. Given the intensity of traffic in this area, I would assume that some coordination has occurred between the Bowen Hills PDA and the Cross River Rail. It appears to me that a high rise car park on the Eastern side of Bowen Bridge Rd could service both the Hospital, the RNA conference Centre and the RNA rail station. Just my 2c.

    ElliotDuff asked almost 2 years ago

    As with many parts of inner Brisbane, it is recognised that the road network surrounding the PDA can be busy, particularly at peak times.  On this basis, traffic and transport has been a key consideration throughout the planning process for the Herston Quarter both before and after declaration of the Priority Development Area.  To understand the impacts that development in the PDA will have on the local road network and inform future infrastructure planning, EDQ, in consultation with Brisbane City Council, has been undertaking traffic modelling that takes into account development in the Bowen Hills PDA and subsequent demand.  This work will inform the location and necessity of any upgrades required to the road network both in the PDA and in the surrounding area and ultimately the final development scheme for the Herston Quarter.  This will include consideration of the Butterfield/Garrick roundabout and other key intersections surrounding the PDA.

    During the development approval process, EDQ will also require the developer to undertake more detailed traffic modelling based on the development proposed by each development application.  A traffic management plan will also need to be prepared by the developer to address a number of matters traffic and parking and impacts on the local network during construction.

  • The Brisbane City Council requires a contribution for public art of 0.25% of the value of projects over $5 million. A similar public art contribution is understood to be proposed for the Queen’s Wharf PDA. Will EDQ enforce a similar public art contribution for the Herston Quarter PDA, for the benefit of the community?

    Chris Campbell asked almost 2 years ago

    EDQ considers public art to be an important part of delivering community benefit through development and contributing to the character and unique identity of a place.  As a result, the Herston Quarter Interim Land Use Plan requires development in the PDA to integrate public art in the public realm (refer to section 4.1.3).  This provision will be directly incorporated into the proposed development scheme.  EDQ will negotiate the delivery of specific public art outcomes in the PDA including scale, location and type with the proponent during the development assessment process.  The Queen’s Wharf PDA development scheme also requires delivery of public art but does not specify a contribution as a percentage of total project value.

  • If EDQ do not consider the fundamental aspects of the Herston Quarter development (including land uses, layout, building heights and car parking) have already been decided, can EDQ commit to making significant changes to the PDA development scheme if public feedback warrants this?

    Chris Campbell asked almost 2 years ago

    Under the provisions of the Economic Development Act 2012, each submission received during the submission period must be considered on its merit and the proposed development scheme may be amended if it is considered appropriate.  There are elements that cannot be changed.  For example, the heritage buildings must be retained.

  • If EDQ considers reasonable endeavours have been made to consult with local residents to date (during preparation of the ILUP and PDA Development Scheme) as required under the ED Act, can full details of any public meetings, phone surveys, template letters to residents etc. be published on the EDQ website?

    Chris Campbell asked almost 2 years ago

    EDQ began engagement in February 2017 and delivered a community newsletter to all Herston residents to advise them of the process going forward and invite them to get involved and sign-up to future updates on the PDA planning process.  The Herston Quarter Have Your Say page was established at this point to enable the community to ask questions of the EDQ planning team.  This newsletter was also published concurrently on the Herston Quarter EDQ website and Herston Quarter Have your say website. 

    Prior to EDQ involvement in the Herston Quarter project, the Queensland Government also provided regular updates to the community and undertook consultation including two community workshops in November 2015 which helped shaped the conceptual master plan for the site.  Along with other planning considerations, the conceptual master plan was an important input in the drafting of the ILUP and proposed development scheme which will be on public notification in the coming weeks.

  • Does EDQ consider local residents will be likely to be affected by the introduction of the Herston Quarter PDA Development Scheme? Before preparing an instrument (e.g. the PDA Development Scheme and even the current Interim Land Use Plan), section 42B of the ED Act requires the proposer to ‘make reasonable endeavours to consult’ with a person or entity it considers will be likely to be affected. As a resident of Butterfield Street, why has EDQ not consulted with myself and neighbours during preparation of the PDA Development Scheme, and current ILUP? This would have allowed the views of local residents to be taken into consideration before the fundamental aspects of the development (including land uses, layout, building heights and car parking) have been decided.

    Chris Campbell asked almost 2 years ago

    While EDQ understands the proposed development scheme may affect local residents, it will also provide a framework to help deliver community benefits for local residents.  This includes new public spaces, opportunities for new cafes and small shops through the revitalisation and activation of the heritage buildings, improved accessibility and permeability of the site and housing for the elderly local residents to remain in their community.

    Under section 58 of the Economic Development Act 2012 (the Act), it is acknowledged that before making a proposed development scheme EDQ must make reasonable endeavours to consult in the way it considers appropriate.  There is no requirement under the Act to consult on the Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP).  The ILUP is in place for 12 months and primarily allows early works (e.g. service relocation) and the development of the Specialist Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care Centre to occur.  While the ILUP is in place, the proposed development scheme is prepared.  It is important to note that the development scheme is considered ‘proposed’ under the Act until it has been approved by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland following public notification and given effect by the Economic Development Regulation 2013 which is anticipated to occur in late-2017.

    Public notification will provide the opportunity for the local community to have their say on the proposed development outcomes for the PDA.  Public notification is scheduled to occur in the coming weeks for a minimum of 30 business days (submission period).  Each submission received during the submission period must be considered on its merit and the proposed development scheme may be amended if it is considered appropriate.  Any matters relating to outcomes in the proposed development scheme including land use, building heights and car parking could be raised via a formal submission during the submission period. 

    EDQ will inform residents about the public notification period via an advertisement in local press and a letterbox drop of a community newsletter and electronically to those who have registered on the Herston Quarter Have your say page.  EDQ will also undertake informal information sessions where the community can drop in and talk about the proposed development scheme with EDQ staff. 

  • I have seen the plans for the Herston Quarter development and an artists impression model. I live in Bramston Terrace Herston. I am most concerned about what appears to be a planned high rise residential tower for the corner of Bramston Tce and Herston Rd. I have been told by my local BCC Councillor that this could be up to a height of 30 storeys. Given that the current residential properties in my street and most of my suburb do not exceed four storeys I have much concern over how this will impact our suburb. The lack of privacy such a high rise would bring. At that height possibly even looking over the backyards of houses as far down as mine at #29 and even visible from our properties. The parking problems such a residential development would bring to our already busy streets, which during Mon-Fri working hours have a residential parking permit scheme and two hour parking restrictions. Yet even with this we still sometimes have problems accessing street parking for ourself and our visitors. Above all the LACK of true community consultation that has occurred throughout this process. We have basically been presented with a set of plans and told this is happening and this is what we will have to put up with - construction noise and inconvenience for possibly up to a decade? All the road stoppages, extra traffic from construction vehicles this then creates! What guarantees have been set in place that no construction vehicles will be passing up and down my street, Bramston Tce, to access this site? That construction workers will not try and park in our streets. Footpath access during construction for residents walking up Bramston Tce to access the Herston busway station. I have live in my house in Bramston Tce since 1983 so I am more than aware of the inconvenience past hospital construction projects have brought to the locals. As a pedestrian having to put up with filth and mud over footpaths, rediverted footpath access. From what I have witnessed over the years, this hospital is an ongoing construction site! You built the RCH in the late 80s, early 90s and now less than 30 years later you are tearing down this building! What a waste of the taxpayers money! I protested agains the removal of the RCH from this site. Had the RCH been allowed to stay there and possibly expanded, the problem of "what to do with the RCH site" would not have been created in the first place!

    Marit Hegge asked almost 2 years ago

    Following a competitive bid process, the Queensland Government has contracted Australian Unity to deliver the redevelopment of the former Royal Children’s Hospital.  The redevelopment proposes a new Specialist Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care Centre (SRACC), aged care, student accommodation, retirement living, a private hospital and residential development as well as the adaptive re-use of several significant state heritage buildings including the prominent Lady Lamington Building and towers.  For more information on the proposed redevelopment please view the Herston Quarter website.

    In November 2016, the Herston Quarter Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared to facilitate the Herston Quarter project.  The Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP) currently provides the planning framework for the PDA that is used by EDQ during the development assessment process. This includes provisions that address impacts on residential amenity. The ILUP is available at the Herston Quarter PDA page .

    The Herston Quarter PDA proposed development scheme will be released for public consultation in mid-2017. This will provide further detailed development controls for the PDA. The public will have an opportunity to write a submission on the proposed development scheme during the 30 business day notification period. The final development scheme will replace the ILUP. 

    As part of project implementation and development approvals, EDQ will require the developer to prepare a construction management plan. This plan typically defines the arrangements and procedures to be put in place to minimise adverse impacts on local amenity including traffic, dust, noise and vibration.  This is especially important given its proximity to residential homes and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.  The development will also need to meet a number of acoustic and air quality standards to ensure construction and ongoing operation of the development mitigates any potential adverse impacts.